Ian L. Scott, Ph.D.

• Dienes from the Thermolysis of Dicobalthexacarbonyl-Complexed Enynes: Mechanistic Insight: Marie E. Krafft, Anne M. Wilson, Olivier A. Dasse, Llorente V. R. Bonaga, Y. Y. Cheung, Zice Fu, Bin Shao and Ian L. Scott, Tetrahedron Lett., 1998, 39, 5911-5914.
Invited Speaking Engagements
•Stereospecific alpha-Mannosylation, Ian L. Scott, Robert V. Market, Russell J. DeOrazio, Harold Meckler, and Timothy P. Kogan, J. Carbohydr., Res. 1999, 317, 210-216.

• Novel Synthetic Inhibitors of Selectin-Mediated Cell Adhesion: Synthesis of 1,6-Bis[3-(3-carboxymethylphenyl)-4-(2-alpha-D-mannopyranosyloxy)phenyl]hexane (TBC1269): Timothy P. Kogan, Brian Dupre, Huong Bui, Kathy L. McAbee, Ian L. Scott, Xin Hu, Peter Vanderslice, Pamela J. Beck, and Richard A. F. Dixon, J. Med. Chem., 1998, 41, 1099-1111.

• Glycomimetic Selectin Inhibitors: (alpha-D-Mannopyranosyloxy)methyl-biphenyls: Brian Dupre, Huong Bui, Ian L. Scott, Robert V. Market, Karin M. Keller, Pamela J. Beck and Timothy P. Kogan, Biorg. and Med. Chem. Letts., 1996, 6, 569-572.

• Steric vs. Electronic Effects in the Pauson-Khand Reaction: Marie E. Krafft, Romulo H. Romero and Ian L. Scott, Synlett, 1995, 577-578.

• Rational Design and Synthesis of Small Molecule, Non-oligosaccharide Selectin Inhibitors: (alpha-D-Mannopyranosyloxy)biphenyl-Substituted Carboxylic Acids: Timothy P. Kogan, Brian Dupre, Karin M. Keller, Ian L. Scott, Huong Bui, Robert V Market, Pamela J. Beck, Jennifer A. Voytus, B. Mitch Revelle, and Delores Scott, J. Med. Chem., 1995, 38, 4976-4984.

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