Ian L. Scott, Ph.D.

Texas Biotechnology Corporation 1992 - 1999

Dr. Scott began his professional career in medicinal chemistry at Texas Biotechnology Corporation in 1992. TBC was a small pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery of new treatments for inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases. He began as a Senior Scientist and progressed to Principle Scientist in 1996, then Associate Director in 1998.

VLA-4/VCAM Integrin
FGF and VEGF Growth Factors
Member of research team
Used homology modeling and ligand-based design strategies to discover several new classes of E-Selectin inhibitors
Developed process scale route to clinical candidate, TBC-1269 (Bimosiamose)
 Improved “med chem” method (< 0.1% overall yield, 95% HPLC purity after prep HPLC) to API method (56% overall yield, 99.7% HPLC purity, no chromatography)
Program progressed to Phase II clinical trials
Named inventor on 3 issued US Patents
Houston, TX
Team leader on FGF and VEGF programs
Used De Novo Design to discover new class of inhibitors
Managed 1 Ph.D. and 2 non-Ph.D. chemists
Named inventor on 2 filed patent applications
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Lead compound, TBC-4746, progressed through Phase II clinical trials
Project team leader
Responsible for design of entry compound into a new series (peptide mimetic)
Responsible for lead optimization
Principal inventor on 4 issued US patents
Managed 2 Ph.D. and 4 non-Ph.D. chemists.
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