Ian L. Scott, Ph.D.

AMRI is one of the largest chemistry CROs for the pharmaceutical industry. AMRI focuses on medicinal and process chemistry research, large scale manufacturing, natural product libraries and enzyme bio-catalysis.

Dr. Scott began his AMRI career in Albany, NY as Section Head, medicinal chemistry in 1999. He was responsible for projects in the field of neurodegeneration, and quickly became Team Leader for all contracted projects with two major pharmaceutical companies. In recognition of his work, he progressed to Assistant Director of Medicinal Chemistry in 2002 and was responsible for the supervision of ~30 chemists (mostly PhD). At AMRI, Dr. Scott created and led The Oncology Group, a new internal research program dedicated to oncolcogy therapeutics.

In 2003, Dr. Scott was asked to assume leadership of two new AMRI research sites: Bothell Research Center (Bothell, WA; staff = 33), and The Biosciences Group (Chicago, IL; staff = 28). He was promoted to the dual roles of Head of Operations, Bothell Research Center, and Group (Executive) Leader, Lead Discovery.



Bothell, WA (AMRI Research Site: Natural products, High throughput screening, Novel antibiotics)

AMRI 1999 - 2005

Dr. Scott:
Primary mandate achieved in less than 2 years - Improved communication between Bothell Research Center and the Albany research site - Restructured BRC to improve efficiency and marketability - Created separate structural analysis and microbiology teams - Created a new high throughput screening group - Established new protocols for the establishment of quality natural product libraries - Increased the quality and quantity of the research performed through the introduction of new methodology and technology - Designed and managed the build-out of a new building - Refurbished the existing building - Introduced a new billing paradigm now referred to as the flexi-FTE - Redesigned the business presentation to better market the technology - Co-invented a novel approach for the discovery of new antibiotics from natural product sources
Bothell, WA - Chicago, IL - Albany, NY
Dr. Scott's leadership of the Bothell Research Center focused on the use of natural products in drug discovery. His initial mandate as a new Head of Operations was to evaluate existing research programs, teams, and scientific approaches, and to implement changes to maximize the potential of the division. His responsibilities spanned all departments including science, finance, facilities and business development.
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